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In how many days love spells work?

All magic/spells are partly dependent on their alignment with nature. So natural cycles must be taken into account. Women who have not yet reached menopause usually have a monthly hormonal cycle, whereas men tend to have seasonal “peaks and valleys” of testosterone.

In my experience and observation, when a love working is done, there is a surge in which things will at least move in a somewhat positive direction within the first week or two. Then after that it takes up to three monthly cycles for it to fully manifest in the case of a female receiver, or up to seven months or the change of seasons for a male receiver.

In that time, the person who asked for the working must follow the instructions given to them in the divination or they will break the fragile flow of the spell. If they mess it up, it could shatter completely or it could delay things or accelerate things in a bad way.

It has happened that someone I have worked for disobeyed the ancestors’ instructions due to impatience, and their lover did return. They actually taunted me a little saying I was being too paranoid and strict…but then the next morning, the guy left again. He claimed he just had a sudden urge that came over him but then the next morning had regrets.